Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is Around the Corner!

I notice the weather is warming up around here.  My weather for the next week doesn't dip down to freezing at night like it has been.  I have been WAITING!  I keep checking my garden space for signs of growth.  So far nothing.

BUT I did notice that my herb box wintered over pretty well.  I still have chamomile, parsley, angelica, lavender and feverfew growing.  I am not sure if the ginger will come back or not.  But... I think it is a bulb so it should.

Last fall I had transplanted my rhubarb to a tire.  It is already covered in many little leaves and about ready to take off.  Mints are growing well.  And my wildflower tire planters are also already growing back in.

I planted my grapes this weekend, three table grapes, Venus, and three wine grapes, Canadice.  I still have to replant my raspberry canes (which I had to move), blueberry bush (which I need to get another for pollination) and several walnut trees that I got from a fellow freecycler.  And this week some pussy willow starts should arrive which I will need to get rooted and plant along the northern edge of my property.

I also just placed my order for the last of my seed needs for this year (and then some ;) lol )  I had no corn or peas.  I ordered from  They have excellent prices, good sized seed packages and free shipping for orders over $50.  I have always been very happy with my orders through their company.

I have walked the gardens and my efforts to build the soil are making a noticeable impact.  I think this year we might actually have something worth smiling about.

NOW I have the joy of planning my garden planting!!!

Oh yeah.... I will also begin nagging my husband endlessly about getting my greenhouse up......  Husband, consider yourself warned. <3

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