Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Days - New Friends and Powerful Encouragement

Sadly, I have no photos.  So, I apologize immediately.

I was having such a wonderful time I didn't even think of the camera in my purse until long after dinner after some had fallen asleep, I yawned, and realized, "Wow!  It is almost midnight!"

Those who know me, know I cherish my beauty (lol) sleep and like to be in bed shortly after 10 without exception.

But this time.... I could have danced all night. :)

Thru an online ministry I was able to connect with a few (very few) local believers in our Messiah who also celebrated the biblical feasts.  We were willing to celebrate alone again this year before I 'met,' thru email, a beautiful woman.

I already love her.

We share so much!  Our love of Yeshua and the Feasts was just the beginning!  In itself that is an enormous and rare connection.  But we also both LOVE birthing our children in our own homes, placing our trust and peace in YHWH's very capable hands.  We love teaching our children when we sit and when we walk and when we lie down and when we rise.  We even share a love of goats! LOL

Her family blessed us so greatly by inviting us to their home for the Passover meal.  I cried, I was so overjoyed to think of sharing this powerful celebration with others, to speak of Yeshua, to speak of the story of the exodus from slavery under the egyptians and to draw the amazing multitude of parallels with our exodus from the bondage of sin.  I was blessed that YHWH gave us the Feasts.  And now He gave us someone to share them with?  I cry as I write this.

The reading of the story of passover, called the seder (pronounced say-der), was beautifully written by my new friend, tying in many scriptures and pointing out many of the prophetic nuances that testify of Yeshua our messiah.  It also included some beautiful songs, which enabled me to listen to my friend sing in a lovely voice and a brave manner, that I only portray with my kiddoes, not even my husband because I am so shy.  I loved her for that especially.  We had a fabulous meal.  And then we talked and talked and talked for hours.

I love her.  Did I mention that?

And I love YHWH.  He has blessed our family so greatly.

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