Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Will Tomorrow Reveal?

"We are not date setters, but there is overwhelming evidence to support that we are very near what could be the start of the Great Tribulation. Is now the time? We don’t know yet. We can only continue to test and look for the signs so that when that day occurs, we don’t miss it. We are told to be like the servants who were awake and watchful of the Master’s return and not be as the drunkards who fell asleep. Keep watch.

If you have not seen the End of Days series by 119 Ministries, please do so now. The information on the events below pertain directly to this teaching series and it is a prerequisite for keeping the findings below in their proper context. Shalom."

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  1. Looking up the Meaning of 'Jerusalem'
    Section 2.2

    The second part of the word, is clearly rooted in shalom.

    The first part of the word, in Hebrew is rooted in Yireh "an abiding place"

    So it would basically mean "An Abiding Place of Shalom"

    But the first part of the word, in Greek, is rooted in the Greek word hieros "holy".

    So Jerusalem could be said to be 'The Holy Place of Shalom."