Monday, March 25, 2013

Spiritual and Physical Headcoverings?

I loved this in depth study on Headcoverings by 119 Ministries.  It is a topic I have studied a few times and at different points in my life, my understanding has changed.  I once believed that my hair was my headcovering given to me by God, as the word calls it, my 'glory'.  I am fortunate and blessed to have a head covered by long and lovely brown hair, and I admit I am rather fond of it.
But as the topic comes up often I re-addressed it not too long ago.  After meeting some christian women who believe that a married woman's hair must be tightly coifed against the head in the manner of braids or buns, and some used headcoverings as well, and a dear friend of mine, who does wear head scarves regularly shared with me an article that prompted her decision to do so.
I am sorry that I do not have the article to share today, as it was a wonderful read.  In summary it stated that as a woman is under the authority of her husband, we can leave this divisive decision up to our husbands.  If they would like us to wear the headcovering, as a symbol of our submission to our husband, we should acquiesce and attempt to please them.  At that time my husband said he didn't really care, but perhaps I should try wearing them from time to time, especially on the Sabbath.  He also stated that he found them, "quite attractive."  I share this because this perspective NEVER occurred to me!  Men like to see a woman wearing lovely scarves around her head!
One of my favorite authors, Michael Bunker, has recently published a series called, Just Plain, that currently includes a book entitled, The Beard , referring to mens' facial hair and the practice of trimming and shaving it, and The Headcovering.  While I have not yet read them, I note with interest that his wife and daughters are seen wearing headcoverings in their photos.

The video teaching by 119 Ministries shares another perspective and an absolutely stunning point that I admit challenges me to change my position on this topic, yet again.
As you hear them explain the amazing BLESSING of the spiritual covering granted to daughters from their fathers, and wives from their husbands, I hope you feel the joy that I did.  This teaching reminded me how blessed I am, having such a loving and wise husband.  Is he perfect?  By no means.  But as he learns to submit to HIS head, Yeshua, I can see his growth in wisdom and righteousness.  And I praise Yah for this protection over me and my children.

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