Monday, January 28, 2013

No Longer The Time Of Favor

I'd like to share a prophetic word that deeply convicted my own heart.  I know I have not given my all, always.  And He definitely deserves it.

I am calling. I am calling because the time is short. I am calling for your faithfulness. The time is coming and is at hand where your comfort zone is to be removed. You pray for good things. You pray for comfortable things. You pray for wealth. At one time these things would have been added to you if your heart were Mine, but now you hold your heart as a ransom for things.

You say, but I have loved You. No you haven’t.
You say, I have served You. No you haven’t.
You say, I have given to You. No you haven’t

The Fallen One has called for your testing. "Skin for skin, bone for bone. Remove the material comforts and we will see who serves The Lord or who serves me. We will see."

I have granted that testing. I will test you and many will fail, only to be given over to that final test. I am moving and time is mine. I will call My faithful and remove My lamp stand. Then those who have been deceived, fooled, will be left behind. The day is fast approaching when My people will no longer want to be a lamp on a stand, a city on a hill. They will be in hiding, waiting for my return while Death waits at their door.

To my faithful I say this, your love for Me has been proved, and continues to be proved, stand fast, stay the course, I will soon return to call you up to Me.

I urge all of you to dig deep into the Lord and His word.  There is only salvation in Yeshua.  All else is shifting sand.

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