Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Need To Breed

While I really don't need much more incentive to take the plunge again, I enjoyed reading this article that 1) was hilarious and 2) pointed out a benefit of having children that I haven't considered much yet.

It will be nice, as I clean ketchup off my walls and spit up off my shirt for the thousandth time to remember that I am making an investment.  It may take a while to pay off, but if I do my darnedest it will.  And when I am wrinkled (OK more wrinkled) and grey haired (yes, yes, more gray haired) I will be able to look forward to someone loving me and holding my hand and maybe even reading me a good book when my eyes fail.

"I will concede that most people aren’t farmers anymore, and don’t need our kids to become farm-hands for us. What I don’t concede is that that was ever a very strong reason for having children anyway. You see, I have several of them at the moment, and not one of them has proven (yet) to be more of a help than a hindrance."

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