Thursday, January 24, 2013

Romans 10:4 - The End of the Law?

While looking at some of the Torah resources I now read regularly I came across a post regarding Romans 10:4, which is commonly translated as, "For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes."

Here you can read several bible translations of the same verse.

For the most part they all say exactly the same thing except

The Common English Bible which reads,
"Christ is the goal of the Law, which leads to righteousness for all who have faith in God."

And the Orthodox Jewish Bible,
"For Moshiach is the goal of the Torah as a means to being YITZDAK IM HASHEM, for all who have emunah."

So I fell back on my greatest resource when I come across a dicotomy or confusion in my reading of the word of YWHW.

Hebrew and Greek Interlinear - ACTUAL transcripts of the scriptures with each word translated and a common translation to the side for ease of understanding.

Once again I found that not all is as it seems....

I pull up the Romans chapter 10 pdf and go down to read verse 4 and find...

not the word 'end'

but the word


So consider the verse using this phrase instead.

Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha Mashiach is the consummation of the law for righteousness to all who believe.

While there is indeed some finalization and fulfillment in consummation.... it does not mean the END!  Indeed when it pertains to our marriage with our own spouse, and we join in that act of consummation, is our marriage ended?

Or is it.... Fulfilled?

And then driven forward in our purpose of togetherness.

So is the Torah to the believer of Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

Yeshua completed the act necessary to consummate the law, drawing us into a lasting covenant marriage with Him.  It is not ended, but fulfilled.

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