Monday, January 28, 2013

Hero Worship

I found this thought provoking.  I have enjoyed the stories of Superman, Spiderman and Star Wars.  I have even shared them with my children in the hopes of drawing out their courageous and strong characters.  While I did not associate it with worship..... my children do seem unduly enamoured of these 'heroes'.  Consider... does your child want the tidy whiteys or the unders with Spideman all over them????

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Hero cults were one of the most distinctive features of ancient Greek religion. A hero was more than human but less than a god, and various kinds of supernatural figures came to be assimilated to the class of heroes; the distinction between a hero and a god was less than certain, especially in the case of Heracles, the most prominent, but a typical hero.

Is it possible that the ancient Greek practice of Hero worship has resurfaced today and many people don't even realize it?

Could we have been tricked into participating in Hero Worship, and not even know it?

"The ancient gods of Greece and Rome and Egypt still exist, only today they wear spandex and capes." - Michael Uslan (Filmmaker and Comic Book Historian)

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