Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"I don't believe in guns."

I notice alot of people say, "I don't believe in guns."

But..... guns exist.  I am really quite certain of this.  I have been near them on occasion.   Seen them with my very own eyes.  I have even held and fired a couple. - LOL

Seriously though....
They can certainly be frightening.  Most particularly to those who have not been trained in their proper use.  They can be intimidating.  You KNOW they have the potential of causing harm if misused.

Kind of like.... a car.
Or the stove.

But... just like the car and the stove, guns serve a purpose.

A car, when used improperly by an untrained teenager or an intoxicated driver, can careen out of control and kill everyone in the vehicle and sometimes several people outside as well.
A car, when used properly can help you to transport goods and people great distances.

A stove, when used improperly by a reckless chef can burn the flesh and leave a permament scar, or start a fire that could potentially cause smoke and flames to fill your home.
A stove, when use properly can heat delicious meals to ensure that they are safe to eat.

I am pretty sure MOST of you own a stove and a car.

Guns ALSO serve a purpose.

A gun, when used improperly can intimidate, cause severe pain and disfigurement and kill innocent humans and animals, and cause property damage as well.

A gun when used properly can defend your livestock from a weasel or raccoon or even a bear.
A gun when used properly can provide great quantities of healthy wild game for your family to eat.
A gun when used properly can bring terror to the hearts of bad men who break into your home with the goal of causing severe harm to your sleeping children.
A gun when used properly can ensure that a rapist in the park never hurts another woman ever again.
A gun when used properly can educate those around you that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not to be taken lightly.

If you are afraid of guns and only see their negative aspects I encourage you to learn more about their safe handling and use.  You may not believe in guns...

But when one is pointed at you.... it won't matter what you believe.


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