Thursday, January 3, 2013

Conspiracy Theory of the Day

I think that someone from 'big brother' gave the guy all the money and drugs, and assisted his 'overdose'.



1.  When the words gets out, that this homeless man had all this cash and drugs, it will discourage EVERYONE from helping a man in need.  Can't have the people helping one another.  MUST create a society that only eats, drinks, breathes what the Man is giving out.   The story is juicy enough to be spread around by the media throughout most of the US also.

2.  Assuming I am correct.... government money and drugs, found in the possession of Joe Deadbody, is once again government money and drugs.  No one loses.... well.... except the homeless man.

No doubt Yakima citizens are indeed kind and generous to the homeless (just see how kind hearted their police chief is about it)....

But how many people give homeless people $20 bills???  Watch the video.... a big wad of $20s.  I give them $1s, quarters.... MAYBE a $5.

Thank you for your interest in my conspiracy theory of the day......

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