Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Desires Of Little Girls

My daughter wants a little sister.

While I was pregnant with my last child she would tell me often how she hoped it would be a little girl.  She would tell me stories about her little sisterSSS and how they were so sweet and had beautiful long curls just like her.  She would tell me how much she would love them.

Of course, I had to remind her that the baby in my belly may be a girl.... or it might be a boy.  At this she would lower her head and go somewhere to hide and quietly mourn this sad news.

A friend of mine, and her baby girl, visited during this time and during the visit this conversation again took place.  I tried once again to explain how much she would love a baby brother just as much, and how sweet she would find him as well.  But once again..... she wandered away with her head down and lower lip out.

But she quickly returned!

With a bag over her shoulder, stuffed animals and clothing items sticking out.  She then planted herself firmly in front of my friend and asked if she could go home with her and live with her.  We smiled and laughed.  Surely she could visit.


She wanted to go and live with my friend because she has a baby girl.  She MUST have a baby sister.

Being pregnant and mushy, tears filled my eyes.  I asked her, do you mean.... you don't want to live here anymore because you have no baby sister?


My husband and I looked at each other and smiled.  So I took her to my lap and promised her....

If the baby in my belly is a boy.... we will try again to have a baby girl.

She smiled happily, and unpacked her bag.

I guess she is going to stick around after all.

Of course, this also means that my work isn't near done. LOL


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